How student loan debt affects getting a VA loan

Student loans can affect your application for a VA home loan, especially when it comes to calculating your debt-to-income (DTI) ratio.

The main factor that affects how student loans can influence your DTI is their current status. For example, if your student loans are in the active repayment period, or they’re in forbearance, your monthly payment amount will get calculated as part of your debt load. However, if your student loans are currently deferred, they *may or may not* be included, depending on how long they’re deferred for and when your deferment will end.

It might sound a little complicated, but it’s not—we promise! We cover all the details of how it works in the video, as well as some tips you can use to minimize the impact of your student loans on your DTI, if they will be included in the calculation.


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This video is not intended for residents or homeowners in the states of WA, NY or MA.

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